Recycling Toilet Paper Tubes

Art can be a messy job but it is always fun.

flower box

My new work with the kids brings the recycling principle again. This time besides the newspaper and cardboard we used the toilet paper tube.

It’s amazing to see the things we can do with that! To give you an idea of what we can do just take a brief look at the great work of Junior Jacquet and Yuken Teryua.

Toilet Roll Artwork

Toilet paper tubes art by Junior Fritz Jacquet

Jacquet is an artist that loves working with paper and has created a series of small masks by bending and folding empty toilet paper rolls (*).

Yuken Teryua is 
a Japanese artist who cuts trees out of paper bays and cardboard toilet paper rolls (*).

Toilet Roll Artwork

Toilet paper tubes art by Yuken Teryua

back to my project with the kids. We wanted to make pretty flowers to be applied on a hand made recycled gift box. To accomplish this we smashed the toilet paper tube into an oval shape then we cut it. After this we colored all the pieces and glued them together. Now we were ready to apply the flowers into the gift box.

The gift box was made with cardboard and painted with acrylic. It was made with the exact size to fit mom’s gift. Surprise! When we craft we are able to make creative gifts and also the packages for them.

The kids loved this work so much that they didn’t want to stop. Try it and you will find an endless world of creativity and solutions that will surprise you.

* The information an photos about Junior Jacquet and Yuken Teryua were collected from