Palila is one of the largest Hawaiian honeycreepers and like many other honeycreepers it is endangered. The Palila is only found in the island of Hawaii on the slopes of Mauna Kea and depends almost exclusively on the seeds of the Māmane (flowering plant). It is sad to have Palila be part of the critically endangered species but I hope this painting will help create more awareness of another amazing bird of Hawaii.


This little bird joins my collection of endemic Hawaiian Birds. Found in the island of Kauai, ʻAnianiau is the smallest Hawaiian honeycreeper. It mainly feeds on nectar from plants like the the Ōhiʻa lehua (flowering evergreen tree) also represented in this painting. Sadly the ʻAnianiau is in the group of threatened species as many other native birds of Hawaii.


I started a collection on endemic Hawaiian Birds. I previously had a commission to paint the I’iwi  but now decided to continue to expand to help create awareness on these beautiful birds.

This time I painted the Hawaiian goose known as Nene, the Hawaiian State bird. One of Nene’s favorite food are the berries of a a small shrub called Ohelo ‘ai which is also endemic to Hawaii, also represented in this panting.