Summer 2014

This year I had a wonderful summer vacation and the opportunity to visit family, friends and nice places. Peaceful places where the nature speaks lauder than the human kind, all I could hear was the sound  of silence. Ohhh… what a nice feeling. I wanted to embrace it and keep it all with me… for me… for you… and… to be able to share it with the world. But it was impossible! So I took some pictures to use them as a link to the memory of all the nice feelings that I had wile I was in these beautiful places. And this is all I’m able to share with you. I hope you enjoy it.

Money box

“Save” is the word for the world today! Let’s start by reusing old plastic bottles, pen and jar lids to make these cute money boxes. The material that you will need is the following:

– 2 liter plastic soda bottles
– paper tape
moneybox_by_mara_branco– rope
– cardboard
– kitchen paper
– glue
– pen lids
– yarn
– jar lid (~2”)
– spackling paste (optional)
– sand paper
– acrylic paint
– clear acrylic sealer
– scissor
– utility knife

Step 1


Cut the bottle carefully with a scissor and knife to the height that you prefer for your money box (shouldn’t be more than half of the bottle). You only need the bottom. Then tape the rope around the edge that you cut.
On the bottom of the bottle between the bumps make a gap to insert the money.

Step 2


Put the bottle with the cut edge down on the cardboard and mark the size of the circle that will cover the money box. Now cut the circle. Pick up the jar lid and put it on the center of the circle that you just cut and mark a new circle around the lid. This will be later the access to the inside of the box.

Step 3


Cut the pen lids and glue them in the cardboard circle as shown in the picture. You only need three pen lids. This will prevent the jar lid from falling inside the money box. Before cutting the pen lids check the height of the jar lid so you will have the right height.

Step 4


Now cover the bottle with glue and put the kitchen paper all around it. Do the same to the card board circle. Let it dry and then glue them together before covering everything with another layer of kitchen paper and glue. Let it dry.

Step 5


This step is optional. If you want to have a perfect surface without the plastic bottle indents you may cover them with speckling paste and sand it after dried. Then you will have to use a spray prime before painting.

Step 6 – Pom-pom


Although I made this the step number 6 you can do it when you feel like. The best option is to make the Pom-pom between the drying process of step 4 or 5.
Making the pom-pom is nothing new. You just need two cardboard circles with a small round hole in the middle and also the yarn that will go around the circles. Remember that the size of the circle determines the size of the pompom. Once you cover all the circle with the yarn use the scissors to cut between the card circles and tie a knot firmly around the stitches that meet in the center hole. If you need help with this process go to:

Step 7


This is the fun part. Here you just have to use your imagination and draw a cute face. To make the winter hat with a perfect line use paper tape all around bottle to serve as a mask. But do it after you have painted the face with the skin color.

Step 8


When you are done with the painting let it dry. Then spray all over with the clear acrylic sealer.  After drying out the sealer, you may glue the pom-pom on top of the winter hat.

Congratulations! You have a beautiful money box. Enjoy and save a lot 🙂 Give me some …