Ke Aloha Cafe mural

The final touch for the Ke Aloha Cafe logo.

Mokulua islands


“Na Mokulua” in Hawaiian means “The Two Islands”.

Also known as the “Twin Islands”  they are part of the Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary. The islands are located on the Windward side of Oahu about .75 miles off Lanikai beach and are accessible from an enjoyable kayak ride. Lanikai is one of the most scenic beaches in Hawaii, the turquoise water with the twin islands on the horizon make a perfect postcard setting.

Rosetta and Philae

A great animation!
The easy way to explain this ESA (European Space Agency) remarkable mission.
A decade-long journey of two spacecraft that finally reached their destination.
Even kids will understand :)


Perfect art

3D Pen


Valentines day


ARCO madrid

Apple Steve Jobs on Design

Bringing color to life

Bringing color to life is an excellent work by Dentsu London for the Canon Pixma.

It’s amazing to see the effects that the sound waves have on the paint and how it really becomes alive.