Parrot drawing

ParrotParrot step by step drawingThis week I had the opportunity to give an art lesson to second graders. It was great to see their happy faces when I showed them the Parrot drawing. This was going to be the project for the art class. Fifty minutes of silence, attention and dedicated work resulted in amazing drawings.

I showed the kids how to get started step by step. First I asked them to draw two guidelines across the middle of the paper. This is a very important step to start drawing in the correct place, otherwise they will tend to start drawing in a corner or a small area of the paper. Because of this I taught them the notion of space and the relation between the lines.

Then I showed them how and where to draw the Parrots’ outlines. When the outlines were ready it was time to fill the body with the feathers’ pattern. Finally the Parrots’ drawing was ready to be traced with a black pencil and colored.

Here are the amazing works of the second grade kids!

Mermaid Collage for Kids

Collage became part of modern art in the begining of  the 20th century. The word “collage” derives from the french word “colle” that means glue.
Essentially collage is art made with bits of colored paper, newspaper, photos, old artwork and other objects glued to a canvas or paper.

The above the pictures show the kids coloring, cutting, and assembling different forms using old white pages.

First they colored the old white pages with different watercolor colors. Then, when dried they cut the paper in the  desire shape and glued it on a paper previously colored with an ocean blue. This is the final result.

Recycling Toilet Paper Tubes

Art can be a messy job but it is always fun.

flower box

My new work with the kids brings the recycling principle again. This time besides the newspaper and cardboard we used the toilet paper tube.

We wanted to make pretty flowers to be applied on a hand made recycled gift box. To accomplish this we smashed the toilet paper tube into an oval shape then we cut it. After this we colored all the pieces and glued them together. Now we were ready to apply the flowers into the gift box.

The gift box was made with cardboard and painted with acrylic. It was made with the exact size to fit mom’s gift. Surprise! When we craft we are able to make creative gifts and also the packages for them.

The kids loved this work so much that they didn’t want to stop. Try it and you will find an endless world of creativity and solutions that will surprise you.

The Primary colors for kids

Children love to mix colors so it’s important to explain them the potential behind the colors and the best way to mix them.

The primary colors are magenta, cyan and yellow. These three basic colors can be combined to make a useful range of other colors.
Bellow are what the kids paint with the primary colors and then combine them to make the secondary colors witch are orange, green and purple.

This is the beginning so they can enjoy the “magic” of the endless colors that is possible to create.

Children’s color wheel.

Graphical Perspective for kids

Teaching kids about perspective.
I know that is not a ease subject to talk about, but is very important for them to understand it.

Choose a simple form and show them  how different will be the size of that form if the distance changes from close to far away. Start with just one point perspective and them continue to two point perspective.

As you can see in the drawings bellow the kids will start to understand and have fun doing it.

Recycled Picture Frame

Recycled Art?
I have recently thought about making a recycled picture frame with my students and give it a try. It really doesn’t take that much time and you can make a nice and original gift to your friends and family that helps the environment.

It’s an awesome idea to recycle things… “It costs at least three times more to dump trash in landfills than it costs to reuse and recycle”[1] and it makes you think in creative ways to use those things and make them practical and look good. These are more than reasons to check this post and trigger your creativity.

I also used this recycled artwork as an education and awareness tool for my students… in short we had lots of fun 🙂
You can have an idea of how to make a recycled picture frame with the following pictures >>

Picture frame #1

To make a recycled picture frame from scratch we only need cardboard, news paper, glue, paint and creativity. This is what I came up with:

Mara Barnco Arts Mara Branco Arts
Mara Branco Arts Mara Branco Arts

And this is what the kids came up with 🙂

Picture frame #2

We tried another picture frame style. For this one we need cardboard, an old magazine, glue, magnet, and paint. Here’s my frame:

And the kids work 🙂

Now we’re finally ready to frame our family and friends pictures in the freezer. Great job everyone!