Christmas Collage

     happy_hollydays_collage_by_mara_branco    xmas_collage-2_by_mara_branco

It is that time of the year that we pile a lot of paper advertising all the christmas supplies that we can imagine, and more. Well, this year instead of throwing everything in the recycle bin I decided to do something out of it. I decided to make some collages and here is the result. Not bad, I think … I was surprised, since this is not something that I usually do.

First I selected the images that I liked the most from all magazines, catalogs, flyers, etc. cut them and grouped them in different categories, like colors, shapes, styles, etc. As I stared to do that ideas popped in to my mind, a piece of paper here a piece of paper there  and when I realized a composition was done. Sort of!

Once I had all my images pre-mounted in a paper with the right dimensions and in a place that satisfied me I had to make the background.

I used acrylic paint and painted the background in a different paper. With the background ready and dried I just had to transfer my composition piece by piece and glued them with glue stick on top of the background.

Happy Holidays!


Mermaid Collage for Kids

Collage became part of modern art in the begining of  the 20th century. The word “collage” derives from the french word “colle” that means glue.
Essentially collage is art made with bits of colored paper, newspaper, photos, old artwork and other objects glued to a canvas or paper.

The above the pictures show the kids coloring, cutting, and assembling different forms using old white pages.

First they colored the old white pages with different watercolor colors. Then, when dried they cut the paper in the  desire shape and glued it on a paper previously colored with an ocean blue. This is the final result.