Parrot drawing

ParrotParrot step by step drawingThis week I had the opportunity to give an art lesson to second graders. It was great to see their happy faces when I showed them the Parrot drawing. This was going to be the project for the art class. Fifty minutes of silence, attention and dedicated work resulted in amazing drawings.

I showed the kids how to get started step by step. First I asked them to draw two guidelines across the middle of the paper. This is a very important step to start drawing in the correct place, otherwise they will tend to start drawing in a corner or a small area of the paper. Because of this I taught them the notion of space and the relation between the lines.

Then I showed them how and where to draw the Parrots’ outlines. When the outlines were ready it was time to fill the body with the feathers’ pattern. Finally the Parrots’ drawing was ready to be traced with a black pencil and colored.

Here are the amazing works of the second grade kids!