The Primary colors for kids

Children love to mix colors so it’s important to explain them the potential behind the colors and the best way to mix them.

The primary colors are magenta, cyan and yellow. These three basic colors can be combined to make a useful range of other colors.
Bellow are what the kids paint with the primary colors and then combine them to make the secondary colors witch are orange, green and purple.

This is the beginning so they can enjoy the “magic” of the endless colors that is possible to create.

Children’s color wheel.

Graphical Perspective for kids

Teaching kids about perspective.
I know that is not a ease subject to talk about, but is very important for them to understand it.

Choose a simple form and show them  how different will be the size of that form if the distance changes from close to far away. Start with just one point perspective and them continue to two point perspective.

As you can see in the drawings bellow the kids will start to understand and have fun doing it.